Student Life




Relationships are what connect us with each other and the world around us. We experience life through our relationships, and they are more important than ever for students. The CAL House Mentorship program was designed to help foster relationships within our student body and across the traditional grade barriers.

When a student enters 7th grade they are inducted into their House: Matthew, Mark, Luke, or John. These placements are prayerfully considered taking into account personalities, talents, and drive of the student. Once a student is placed in a House they will stay with that House until graduation. We have a special service in which the students are inducted into their house and receive their special pins.

These House groups share special lunch times together, plan school-wide activities, and are the basis of our student government. All year long they work together to earn points in the following categories: honor, empathy, and duty. These points are tallied up and the House with the most points wins the coveted House Cup.

Even though the Houses are assigned to 7th graders, our lower school grades are not left out. Three times a year, the younger students are assigned a temporary House and they all participate together in field day events. These events have become a tradition that develop a sense of pride in the entire student body.

Our House Mentorship program is a critical component of helping students navigate the transition from lower school into upper school. The Houses are a wonderful vehicle to offer positive peer pressure and Godly encouragement in a time when it is more important than ever. 

House News


House Of Matthew

Everyone remembers being put into their houses, getting that letter with your name on it, getting your pin, being a part of something that sticks with you. For the young group of students at CAL waiting to have that moment, it is exciting to wonder where you will be. What house will I be in, what colors will I wear, what memories will I make? Each house answers these questions in their own way; however, the house of Matthew wants you to ask yourself these questions. What values will I learn, how will I grow in my faith, what mentors can I gain wisdom from? In our house we prioritize these things as well as honesty, integrity, a Christian foundation, and brotherly love even to those outside of our house. We are not just a house - we are a family, we compete together, and we win together. Through thick and thin we stand firm in our faith and stay true to our morals. The House of Matthew is not a clique; we are a body of wholehearted individuals representing God for all to see. 


House Of Luke

Long ago in Louisiana, there was a man named Micah who had big dreams and high hopes to one day start a dominant force in the Christian Academy of Louisiana. So Micah called up twenty of his closest friends to help him develop a house that would be disciplined well and have great fighting skills and engineering abilities. Soon the House of Luke would win the first ever Highland games under Micah’s reign, but the work was far from over. The other students soon found out about the House of Luke and wanted to join it, but with the training from Micah and his friends, they  defeated the other houses and  all celebrated their huge victory. In year two Micah would lead House of Luke to back-to-back championships, which was a huge win for them. In year three, House of Luke said goodbye to Micah as he went on to LSU, and he handed the keys to Adonis Miller, a sophomore. And Adonis said, “To carry something like this is a big opportunity for me and my family. This is my chance to follow in Micah's footsteps, become a great witness to my people, and continue to make House of Luke a dominant force as we go for three in a row!"