CAL Admissions

We are honored that you are interested in applying to attend the Christian Academy of Louisiana.  The following procedures have been developed in order to ensure a smooth application process. Please read the Application Timeline and the Steps to Admission below.

Application Timeline

Re-enrollment for current students runs from November 1st – January 31st

  • Current students who re-enroll during this period pay a reduced registration fee.
  • Current students who do not re-enroll during this period are considered NEW STUDENTS and must follow the standard admissions process and pay the application fee.
  • Siblings of current CAL Families may enroll during Re-Enrollment to receive the discounted registration fee. Siblings will also benefit from a reduced application fee ($50), but they will be processed as a new student. If acceptance is not granted, the Registration Fee will be refunded, but the application fee is considered non-refundable.
  • Annual Fees are due by May 31st.

Priority Enrollment for new students runs from February 1st – April 15th

  • Applications received during this time will be reviewed as a group at the end of April. New families are encouraged to apply during this time to improve chances of acceptance. Acceptance letters will be sent out mid-June.

    • If accepted and admitted, annual fees are due by June 15th.

    Open Enrollment after April 15th

    • Applications received after April 15th are subject to the acceptance criteria, and will be considered for any available seats. These applications will be reviewed at the next admissions committee meeting. Acceptance letters for these students will be sent out on an individual basis. 
    • If accepted and admitted, Annual Fees are due upon enrollment.

    Specific Circumstances

    Applications During the School Year

    • Applications for the Lower School (PreK – 6th grade) will be considered any time during the school year, if space allows.
    • Applications for the Upper School (7th – 12th grade) will be considered during the school year. HOWEVER, after the second week of school has been completed newly accepted students in grades 9-10 will not be allowed admittance until the start of the 2nd semester.

    Applications After the Second Week of a Student’s Junior Year

    • Generally, we do not allow students to enroll after this time. These applicants will undergo a higher level of scrutiny by the admissions committee, as graduating from The Christian Academy requires more than just adequate academics. 

    Steps to Admission

    Visit our website and learn about our school. Review our Mission Statement, Core Values, and Statement of Faith located in the “About Us” section of the website. Be prepared to discuss these documents in the Family Interview.

    • Discipline records from previous school, students 1st grade and up.
    • Report Cards and any standardized test scores for the past two years, students 2nd grade and up.
    • A letter of recommendation from the current principal or other member of administration, 2nd grade and up.
    • Pastoral Recommendation Form completed by a staff member of the church the family currently attends. If the family is not currently attending a church, an interview must be held with a pastor of The Church at Addis so the form can be completed. This must occur before the first interview with CAL.
    • Copy of Student’s Birth Certificate
    • Copy of Student’s Social Security Card
    • Copy of Student’s current immunization record and/or necessary vaccination waiver.

    Kinder and Pre-K Requirements:

    • All students must be completely independent in the restroom. Staff members are not allowed to assist students in the restroom.
    • Kindergarten students must be five years old by September 30th of the enrolling school year.
    • Pre-K 4 students MUST be four years old by September 30th of the enrolling school year.
    • Pre-K 3 students MUST be three years old by September 30th of the enrolling school year.

    Complete the online pre-application. The deadline for Priority Enrollment is April 15th, and parents are encouraged to apply before this deadline. However, applications are considered on a space available basis throughout the year.

    The $75 application fee is due at the time of the Family Interview. We will not interview without a completed pre-application, the documents from Step 3, and paid application fee.

    At least one parent or guardian must be present with the student for the Family Interview to be complete. The Christian Academy seeks to partner with families to help their children develop the ability to observe, think and speak in a manner that glorifies God. A student will not succeed at CAL unless the family is supportive of the mission, vision, and core values of the school. Call 225-364-3734 during office hours 7:55 am – 2:35 pm to schedule an interview, or submit a request form via the school website.

    Students in the 6th grade and up will sit for an individual interview. This will help the admissions panel assess the attitude of the student and the contribution he or she will bring to our student body. Parents will be provided a list of interview topics upon request at the time of the student interview. Student interviews can occur directly after the Family Interview if time allows.

    CAL offers a challenging academic environment. The score on the readiness test is not the only factor in determining acceptance; however, it helps our teachers determine if a child will be successful in the grade they are applying for or if remediation is necessary. Readiness tests will be scheduled so that multiple students can attend; as such, these dates are not flexible. Testing will cover the areas of reading, writing, and math. The test is not timed but typically takes 60-90 minutes.

    Applications received during priority enrollment will be reviewed by late April. Acceptance letters for priority students will be sent out no later than mid-June. Applications received after the April 15th deadline will be reviewed at the next meeting of the admissions committee. Acceptance letters for open enrollment students will be sent out on an individual basis. Acceptance means that we believe your family is committed to partnering with The Christian Academy in its mission statement, and that with your support the student will be successful at CAL. Students will be accepted based on the following criteria:

    • The family’s commitment to the vision of The Christian Academy
    • The family’s faith aligns with our Statement of Faith
    • The student’s attitude toward attending The Christian Academy is enthusiastic and genuine
    • The student’s previous academic record and scores on CAL readiness tests
    • The student’s overall perceived contribution to the student body
    • All application documents and fees have been turned into the CAL office

    Admittance only occurs when the accepted student has been awarded a seat in a specific class. If classes are full, accepted students will be placed on the wait list and ranked according to the quality of the application, not on a first come first serve basis. Annual Fees are due upon Admittance.